Another Pro Job

Big Thank You to Bill Sankus and his company Neon Cycle for his expertise in exterior illumination. Bill is THE go to guy for several dealerships in the STL area including all the Harley Dealers. Bill has applied his know-how to 6 of my scoots with all receiving accolades at rallies and shows. I also want to recognize Bill for his humble humanitarian efforts lighting up wheelchairs for patients at Children’s Hospital. His efforts in regards to the kids has brought him some international attention and he has lent his knowledge to others overseas wishing to replicate his results. Everything he does is within the manufacturers guidelines and WILL NOT void the warranty as some lighting companies have done. Every splice was soldered and shrink wrapped and tested so as before I won’t have any issues. He stands behind his work and will fix any issues that may pop up;however, from my experience his accessory LED lighting will outlast most of the factory components.

Denzel Jines June 5, 2019